Design and development are company cornerstones. At Molytex, we are proud of our employees. Each of them is an experts within their field, and by internally shearing our knowledge in the company we are able to offer you solutions that are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Often, the problems in question are complex and require new and updated knowledge. Molytex are one of the leading players in the business of injection moulding. We carefully keep track of the technological development and we challenge the boundaries of what is thought possible. Plastic in itself cannot match the many requirements placed on quality, which is why the need for innovative thinking and creative solutions is evident. This is precisely what Molytex offers.

We guarantee that our solutions live up to all environmental requirements as well as requirements to load in connection with the subject's physical embodiment and choice of material. This constitutes a whole in the philosophy of Molytex, where we put the client and the client's need at the centre.

At Molytex we have eliminated all undue waiting, which gives you a quick response to all enquiries. When our design- and development department receives a job, they gather in teams and come up with a solution proposition that works and is producible.