Rail fastenings 

Molytex has specialized in the development of components for the fastening/fixation of rail, which can endure burdens of extreme load.

Through the great experience with developing components for rail fastening, Molytex has gained a broad knowledge on exploiting the interaction between mechanics, temperature and physics to the fullest.

Molytex also has a specialized knowledge in designing products for outdoor applications.

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Technical components 

Molytex has a high level of experience in the production of complex technical components, including the replacement of metal with innovative hi-tech plastsolutions.

For the development of our innovative solutions, Molytex uses low-priced tools, small series and the newest prototype technology.

Molytex develops and produces single components as well as complete part systems.

Molytex uses sustainable raw materials (e.g. thermoplast and renewable sources materials).

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Pad printing

Today, the printing method is done with pad printing using a steel cliché, a pad (silicone pad) and ink.

The first step in the printing process is to apply a light sensitive material to the steel cliche. Subsequently, the subject is placed on the cliche (via a film) which is subsequently illuminated and elicited by a photographic method, except where the film is mounted. The cliché must then be acidified, which will etch the subject into the steel cliche (depth print).

The cliche is then attached to the machine, whereupon the color cup, with the selected color type and color is applied. A tampon of the correct design is mounted in the machine and then it will be possible to transfer the subject from the cliche to the subject with the pad.

In short, the process is like this: The pad is pneumatically pressed down on the cliché, the subject sits on the pad, which is then brought out to the workpiece and pressed down on it, thereby depositing the subject.