About Molytex 

Molytex A/S, currently located on the address 12 Smedeland in Glostrup, Denmark, was founded in 1965 by M.Sc. Jørgen Matzau (1938-1995).

In the beginning, the business idea was the sale and finishing of thermoplastic poles and plates. Later on the business was extended with injection moulding processes.

Today, Molytex A/S is a leading injection moulding company specialised in manufacturing industrial thermoplastic components for leading European companies.

We use the latest injection moulding machines and technologies, including 2-component injection moulding, and our production is highly automated with at least one handling robot per injection machine.

Molytex A/S is currently in the possession of an industrial plant of more than 8.000 m2. Production is run in triple shifts.