At Molytex, we are eager to live up to our customers’ expectations. Molytex wants to deliver products on time and without defects.

In order to meet this target, we have decided to use ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as quality and environmental control tools.

Naturally, customers and their requirements in respect of their products are different. Consequently, quality planning of the individual product will be classified as early as the consultancy phase. At Molytex, we operate with 3 levels:


ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008

We are eager to live up to our customers’ expectations

Having supplied the car, railway, electronics and semi-medico industries for many years, our processes and systems are 100% controlled and documented. Thus, for every single product that is injection moulded at Molytex a production folder containing all specific data for the process will have been created.

We want to deliver defect-free products

Molytex has a well-equipped measuring laboratory which includes a 3D coordinate measuring machine, manual measuring tools, tension test apparatus and impact test equipment.

We want to deliver products on time

Our system requires that customer orders to Molytex are preferably processed the day they are placed or within 3 working days. Within this period, production will be planned meticulously and the customer will receive an order confirmation with the desired or modified delivery date.

We still want to improve ourselves

Molytex employees take pride in the fact and are well aware that if our customers are satisfied with the product we supply they will come back when they require solutions for new projects.

In order to ensure that we continue on this positive path, we measure a long list of parameters on an ongoing basis to check whether we have fulfilled the requirements we have set for ourselves and to establish the areas in which we can improve.