NEW! Pad printing
Molytex can now offer pad printing.

Plastic injection moulding
Molytex team of experienced experts design quick, creative and manufacturable solutions

Fully automated and highly advanced injection moulding machines from 25 to 650 tons

MOLYTEX is certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001 and DS/EN ISO 14001

Molytex has more than 45 years of experience within design and manufacture of railway fastening components

Precision moulded products
Molytex has received several awards and diplomas for precision, accuracy and quality

Pad printing
What can pad printing do for you?

Pad printing makes it possible to print on convex and concave surfaces, including in recesses, on surfaces. It can be used on almost any surface and in either one or more colors.

We can print on plastics, glass, metals, porcelain, painted surfaces and wood. The pad print has a very high durability.

Choosing this solution gives you the opportunity to give your products an exclusive expression with very fine details, even in very small fonts. Order sizes can range from a few to several thousands.

Molytex has employed a pad printing expert with 30 years of experience and invested in a pad printing machine.

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Development and production in the same house, gives you the best and low-priced solution

Close cooperation between development and production means that we can adjust and optimize our products at any given time in the process. At the bottom-line, this means better and more affordable products for our customers.

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Quality control
Quality control – your ambassador in the production process

We take responsibility for the quality of our products throughout the entire development and production process.

We already carry out preventive quality assurance in the development phase and when the production is rolling, we make sure to comply to all the agreed quality requirements.

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Rail fastenings

Molytex has specialized in the development of components for fixation of rail, which can endure burdens of extreme load.

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Technical components

Molytex has a high level of experience in the production of complex technical components, this includes the replacement of metal with innovative Hi-Tech plastsolutions.

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